About the Book


Every job I have held in my career has been in the customer service industry, with the majority of my professional years spent working in call centers. It is working at call centers where I recall the most memorable employee/customer experiences that shaped my passion for customer service. I should share that being in the role of a customer and encountering poor service and unprofessionalism also heightened this passion.

The intent of this book is to create dialogue and spark self-awareness within all parties on how their individual actions impact others. It’s a straight, real-talk book that gives insight on call center dynamics and the practical steps a call center employee must take to succeed on the job. This book will also delve into the obligations of our employers as well as the sometimes unreasonable expectations from our customers—all of which affect the state of customer service. I envision this as an “edutainment” book where employees can receive practical guidance on maintaining a successful career in the workplace in addition to getting a glimpse of the shenanigans some employees will attempt to avoid handling their core responsibilities. It’s a learn and laugh, easy-read book.


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