Congratulations, you landed a new job!  Whatever the reason you needed the job; financial, benefits package, a side job for spending money or just to remain active; you did it.  You put in the work; you prepped for the interview, dressed for the interview and proved that you deserve the job and will represent yourself and the company well.  So, what’s next?  Do you breathe a sigh of relief and take the mindset of letting the chips fall where they may?  As one of my co-workers eloquently stated, ‘whatever hard work and prep it took to get the job, you still need to have that mindset to keep the job’.  As a new employee, you will begin to establish your personal brand and you want to make sure it complements the company’s brand.  Remember, a solid work ethic goes a long way so let’s revisit the attributes needed to be successful in the workplace. 


-          INTEGRITY – do the right thing when seen and not seen.  Always remember companies have ways to track performance so don’t think you can get away with some unethical behaviors. 

-          PROFESSIONALISM – be mindful of your actions as well as your appearance.  You want to present yourself in a business appropriate manner.  Ask yourself this question: ‘would my employer approve my appearance/behavior?’

-          ATTITUDE – be a team player, work towards common goals, have a positive/can do personality.

-          DEPENDABILITY – attendance is key!  You were hired to come to work and follow the established attendance guidelines.   

When you make an effort to follow the rules of I.P.A.D. you will have a solid level of success in the workplace. 

Note:  Employers:  it is vital to incorporate the concept of I.P.A.D. within your new hire curriculum.  By speaking to these attributes early in the work process you are impressing the importance that their performance impacts the whole. 


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