Unless you have been under a rock, LeBron James is leaving the Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers.  We all know that King James ‘got game’:  4 time MVP, 3 time NBA Champion, 2 time gold medalist and he has appeared in 14 All-Star games.  All of that warrants a huge contract; close to 154 million over 4 years!  And to top it off, he has leadership qualities and a likeable personality.  During his latest stay in Cleveland, reports indicate the ‘LeBron Brand’ helped generate a 20% job spurt and 13% increase in businesses.  Now that he is moving to Los Angeles, the recently lackluster Lakers have already noticed a substantial increase in ticket prices as well as ticket and jersey sales.  Laker fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming NBA season and are positive #LABron will take them to the finals. 

Like it or not, LeBron is a BRAND (sorry my nephew!) and he has a living legacy.  Cleveland will miss him but deep down they appreciate the tangible and intangible benefits he brought to the city.  Los Angeles is in a frenzy and anticipating the ripple effect of LeBron’s presence.  This is definitely an example of a positive brand and a strong legacy.  (I’m sure my cousin is smiling!)

All of this made me think what is our ‘brand’ in the workplace?  When we are at work, do we generate a positive brand?  Do we have high integrity?  Professionalism?  Positive Attitude?  Dependable?  Or, do we portray a questionable or suspect brand?  If we were to leave our department or company, will you leave a strong legacy or will your co-workers breathe a sigh of relief?  Let’s be sure to work on our brand so we can leave a positive and impactful legacy!  

BTW…..I am a King James fan!!!!

 Source – statistical data, Today Show

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