What is Happening to the ‘SPIRIT’ of Customer Service?


The ‘spirit’ of customer service seems to be deflating in recent years.  What could be the reason?  In part, I believe life itself has become more of a challenge to navigate, which can take away from ones spirit to perform effectively in the workplace.  It can be hard to remain focused at work when the bills are due at home.  How can someone do their best at work when a loved one is deployed in a foreign country?  What if the employee is battling an illness?  Will the employee even report to work when they are faced with life’s issues? 

When you think about it, the workforce is in a quandary and may not be able to separate work expectations from home obligations.  Having a healthy work/life balance is critical for employees to be effective in the workplace.  As I reflect on previous situations in which employees have been coached on sub-par performance or attendance, a large percentage is due to work/life balance challenges.  (Another reason is workplace immaturity, but let’s address that on another blog!) 

Let’s face it, life is a struggle – and more of a struggle for others.  I would like to challenge our employers to invest heavily in their number one resource; the employee.  Present more work/life balance programs and be sure they are diverse as life’s struggles are vastly different.  If your employer has a robust work/life balance initiative, make sure the employees know they exist so they can be better in their work and home life.  And the result?  We will begin to see a rebirth of the spirit that has been missing from customer service.   

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