The State of Customer Service – Is TV Partly the Blame?

On this Labor Day weekend, I was relaxing and ran across the nostalgic TV show, Leave it to Beaver.  (family sitcom televised from 1957-1963)  It is a wholesome show in which the Cleaver family navigates through suburban life.  While watching this show, I began to think of the sharp contrast with today’s television shows that are harsh, profane and highly graphic.  Today’s reality shows give the impression such behavior is normal and justified.  Another wholesome show, The Andy Griffith Show had a great mixture of humor and moral values; something to help you navigate through life.

Unfortunately, TV has served as a babysitter for some and a blueprint of behavior for others.  It has a huge impact on life and how we interact with others at home, social settings and yes, the workplace.  Could this be a contributing factor with the challenges of workplace maturity/professionalism?  Could such short temperament and unprofessionalism by some customer service representatives AND customers partly come from behaviors shown on TV?

Our state of customer service is deep and complex.  It’s more than just telling employees ‘do better’.  Rather, it will require creative exercises to make individuals reflect on their particular drivers and triggers that can negatively impact customer service.  Let’s keep in mind reality shows and other shock value shows are just for ‘entertainment purposes only’!

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