Being comfortable typically denotes something positive and relaxed.  A comfortable chair, a comfortable relationship or a comfortable lifestyle all indicate pleasant feelings.  On the flip side being too comfortable can lead to taking things for granted and not appreciating the value of something.   I live in Jacksonville, Florida which is known for being the largest city area-wise in the United States.  If you hear the chant ‘Duuu-vaall’, they are referring to Jacksonville which is located in Duval County.

The city is located in northeast Florida right off the Atlantic Ocean which means there are several bridges in Jacksonville.  On my commute to work and other travels throughout the city, I must cross a several bridges.  Typically when crossing these bridges, I am focused on the drive and not the scenery.  One bridge in particular that shows Jacksonville’s beautiful waterways is The Dames Point Bridge.  Oddly, if I am driving near a car with an out of town tag, they appear to be amazed at the scenery.  I’ve even seen them video the landscape and scenic waterways.  This made me think; ‘am I no longer fascinated with the views because I have become too comfortable and familiar with my surroundings’?  I also began to think about the workplace and if the same ‘comfortable’ attitude is contributing towards lackluster performance and high absenteeism.  Are we missing out on different workplace sceneries (promotions, opportunity to improve a process, mentor someone) because we have become too familiar or comfortable in our current role?

Our Monday motivation:  Let’s not become too comfortable and miss out on the workplace sceneries that surround us every day.  Implement some creative approaches to keep your job exciting and you will see your mindset of the workplace move away from the comfort zone! 

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