New Year 2020!!!

Can you believe it, another year has come to an end and now we are tasked to welcome the new year.  I say ‘task’ because society places a huge focus on bringing in the new year with resolutions, high hopes and goals.  We pledge to exercise, eat healthy, travel, organize and be of help to others.  We work on vision boards, read self-help books and join support groups.  All of this alone can put us back in a rut of being burned out and unfocused.

There is something catchy about the year ‘2020’ and I believe this will keep us more motivated and focused in this new year.  When I began to think about the year 2020, I thought about how we strive for 20/20 vision.  When our eyesight is not right, we make a visit to the Optometrist for an evaluation.  It could be a simple fix such as eyeglasses/contacts or it may be a more invasive remedy.  Without clear vision, normal functions we take for granted can be a challenge.  Driving a car or reading a good book can be a challenge without clear vision.  Because we know 20/20 is the optimal state of vision, we will consider the remedies the Optometrist offers.  (great insurance benefits can help with our decision as well!)   

As we bring in the new year, let’s make 2020 a ‘20/20’ year.  Write your vision, don’t give up on your dreams and goals.  Just as the Optometrist examines our eyes, let’s examine ourselves, pray and meditate on what we can do better in 2020.  If we find ourselves in a repeated pattern of poor attendance or drama in the workplace, take some time to ‘consider our ways’ and strive towards that optimal 20/20 vision in the workplace (recommended book, ‘Call Center: A Focus on Customer Service’).  Connect with those who will encourage you and stay motivated! 

Every time we type, write or say ‘2020’ I believe it will remind us of our visions, dreams and goals.  Let’s continually strive towards that 20/20 vision.  Wishing you a wonderful 2020 year!

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