It’s National Customer Service Week!

It’s National Customer Service Week!

This week of October 1-5th is set aside as National Customer Service Week.  It’s the official time to celebrate and acknowledge one of our most under-appreciated and challenging roles – CUSTOMER SERVICE.  If you work in a call center as a customer service representative, your role requires a plethora of skills:

–          Multi-tasker

–          Dependable

–          Team player

–          A quick study

–          Solid communicator / personable / empathetic

–          Professional

–          Solid keyboard skills

–          Patient

–          Thick skin (don’t take customer outbursts personally)

–          Efficient

–          Integrity

–          Trustworthy

Wow!  A lot is required of you right?  Please know your job is absolutely necessary to the uncountable customers and businesses in the world.  Without you, the business world would literally shutdown.  Without you, customers would have difficulty getting their questions and needs fulfilled.  You are CUSTOMER SERVICE – you are the fabric of society!

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