Do You Have that Workplace SWAG?

Urban dictionaries define ‘swag’ as the way or manner, in which a person carries themselves.  It’s not necessarily the clothes they wear but the confidence in which they wear it.  Swag is the modern version of being ‘cool’ back in the day.  I began to think about workplace swag and what it looks like.  Here is what I believe is SWAG in the workplace.  DO YOU HAVE SUCH SWAG?

–          S:  sense of purpose – having a passion for your role in the workplace.  Knowing why you are where you, at the             time you are there.

–          W:  a ‘way about yourself’ – a magic sauce where others say, ‘there’s something special about you.

–          A:  attitude – seeing the big picture in the workplace / being positive.

–          G:  Grateful – being thankful for employment and the ability to be of service to others!

Let’s be sure our motives and actions in the workplace are of SWAG proportions!

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