Dependability – A Tribute to Aretha Franklin

It’s pretty common that call centers struggle with attendance.  As managers we must continue to delve into why employees miss work and implement proactive and creative measures to improve attendance.  I wanted to share my love of music to encourage better dependability through some memorable songs by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  Enjoy!

In tribute to Aretha Franklin and her great songs:


– Let’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T our customers and fellow co-workers by reporting to work!


– Say to yourself ‘AIN’T NO WAY’ I’m going to miss my next scheduled work day!


– Come to work and ‘ROCK STEADY’ the entire shift!


– Let’s be a ‘BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER’ for our customers!


– When your alarm goes off, ‘JUMP TO IT’ (jump, jump, jump to it!)


– Get on that ‘FREEWAY OF LOVE’ to get to work!


– Don’t miss work because you were ‘DAY DREAMING’


‘THINK’ before missing work unnecessarily

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