Customer Service Representatives – A Very Important Role!

Those who have not worked in a call center might believe a customer service representative handling phone calls is an easy job. I beg to differ. Working in a call center as a customer service representative is a very demanding job. A huge shout out to those who serve in this role!

Customer service has a negative image these days, but I can proudly proclaim the majority of those who work in customer service take pride in what they do. During my years of working in customer service, I had the privilege of working with some of the most talented and dedicated individuals. They understand and appreciate the value of their contributions. They endure the harshness of angry customers and empathize with their fragile customers. They work hard to build positive relationships and willingly share their technical knowledge and best practices with fellow coworkers. The majority understand the importance of dependability and report to work when expected, in addition to returning from breaks and lunch on time.

Customer service is the fabric of our lives. Where would corporate America be without the role of customer service representatives?


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