‘Call Center’ recommended for contact center managers

5. Call Center: A Focus on Customer Service by Gwendolyn Oglesby

Gwen Oglesby is an experienced call center supervisor who has lead teams in several Fortune 500 contact centers throughout her years. Working in multiple contact centers drove her to write this book about the dynamics and work culture of agents and their supervisors. This book digs into what makes for a successful workplace. And, it also outlines all the factors that pile up to create negative customer service experiences – like an unhealthy work environment and a poor team culture.

Oglesby focuses on the importance of the agent experience and how you can prime your agents for growth, recognition, and promotion. She packs in actionable tips and thought-provoking questions, along with real-world examples and stories from her experiences to set the scene.

Reader review:

This book will help consumers learn how to effectively communicate with those hardworking representatives answering our calls. It’s also a treasure trove of ideas for supervisors or representatives working in call centers. I love the “Call Center Flashbacks” throughout the book with stories about real-life situations Ms. Oglesby, who is a long-time call center employee and supervisor, shares with the readers. The book is written with humor and insight. I recommend Call Center to anyone who works in a call center and also to all consumers who at some time will need customer service from a call center representative.


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