What’s Your Customer Service Portrait?

With face to face customer service, customers have the advantage of visualization to determine their overall customer experience.  They can factor in facial expressions and body language in addition to verbal interactions and accuracy.  However, when dealing with customer service representatives over the phone, customers don’t have that visual aspect, so they will heavily rely on factors such as:

  • tone of voice
  • a willingness to help / ownership
  • ability to accurately resolve the issue
  • timeliness / efficiency

With these behaviors, callers will create a customer service portrait of how they feel the representative is behaving or looks on the other side of the line.  For myself, I typically will envision a portrait of the representative based on their actions.  If the representative is friendly, I have a mental picture of someone with a smile.  On the other hand, if the representative is curt and not pleasant, my mental picture is that of someone with a ‘sour’ look on their face.  If they ask repetitive questions, I picture someone who is distracted -maybe talking to their co-workers or looking at messages on their cell phone.

So, here’s the challenge- make sure your actions are focused on your customer.  Be sure to give them a positive customer service portrait of yourself!


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