What’s your attitude in the workplace?

Maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace speaks volumes! It shows you can be counted on to help create an engaged and collaborative work environment. Co-workers are more willing to interact with you and it can give you the opportunity to showcase your talents and skills. All of which can help build your resume and experience! We all know of someone in the workplace with a ‘sour’ or ‘negative’ attitude. They lack optimism and have a difficult time seeing the BIG PICTURE. They are usually not approached for special projects due to the concern of how they will interact with others. If left without intervention, a negative attitude can spread to others and ultimately create a disengaged environment.
Be sure to do a self-check to determine if your attitude is ‘on point’. Ask someone who will give you honest and candid feedback. If your attitude is lacking, seek out someone who will serve as your advocate and help you improve in this area. Believe me, it’s worth the investment!

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