The Downfalls of a Poor Work Ethic

Unfortunately, some employees have unsatisfactory work ethics, such as poor attendance, dishonesty, or not doing an honest day’s work. When faced with such behaviors, it is a challenge for a company to establish a loyal base of satisfied customers.  When a company allows poor attendance, the burden is placed on the other employees to pull the weight from those who did not report to work or report on time.  Basically, a poor work ethic affects the customers as well as the employees. Dishonest employees who intentionally do not honor their commitments made to customers also have a negative impact on customer service.  Customers become frustrated because of the extra time needed to follow up with an issue they were under the impression was already resolved.  Imagine the concern when customers call to follow up only to find out no action was taken on their initial request.  Some employees can view a poor work ethic in others and begin to adopt these behaviors if they feel management is not addressing such actions.  Have you ever worked at a company with a specific negative culture? It is my opinion that the negative behaviors were tolerated over a period of time and other employees saw where they were not addressed, so they jumped on the bandwagon.  The result: negative behaviors become rampant to the point that they become a culture or the norm in the workplace.

What CULTURE is YOUR company known for and are YOU contributing to it?

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